what tech jobs are remote

What Tech Jobs are Remote?

Are you looking to join the tech industry but don’t want to be tied down to a physical office? Or maybe you already have a tech job, but you’d like to know what other remote options are out there. Whatever your situation may be, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of tech jobs that are available remotely and how to get them.

Data Science

Data Science is a growing field with many opportunities for remote work. According to Indeed, there are over 3,014 Data Scientist jobs available in Remote. These jobs offer competitive salaries and the potential to work from anywhere in the world. Companies like Andela are actively hiring for Senior Data Scientist roles. Job seekers looking for positions in this field can find job postings on sites such as Indeed and 1-click apply. Prospective data scientists can also search for remote data scientist jobs on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor and view job descriptions, salary ranges, and company ratings and reviews. With the right skill set and experience, remote data science jobs can be a great option for tech professionals looking to work from home or from any location.

Software Developer

Software Developers are the backbone of many businesses. They create and maintain software applications, ensuring they run efficiently and address the needs of their employers or clients. For those looking to break into a tech career, software development offers an attractive option as it can be done remotely, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. While there are various coding languages used in software development, some common ones include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. With the right combination of coding and problem-solving skills, a software developer can craft impressive and innovative applications that help businesses reach their goals.

Remote Software Developer

Remote software developers are in demand as businesses look for ways to streamline their systems and services. With the right skills, software developers can work remotely and still have access to the latest technologies and tools. Remote software developers can work on a variety of projects including back-end development, database management, web development, and more. Remote software developers often have to be creative problem solvers with the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with teams across different time zones. They must also be comfortable working independently and be able to troubleshoot issues quickly. By leveraging their expertise, remote software developers can make a huge impact on how businesses operate today.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators are vital to any tech organization. They are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of a company’s data, as well as maintaining and troubleshooting databases. Remote Database Administrators can work from anywhere in the world, enabling organizations to benefit from their expertise without requiring them to be physically present. Remote Database Administrators should be highly knowledgeable in SQL and related database technologies, and have excellent problem-solving skills. They must also be comfortable working with a remote team, as well as being able to manage multiple projects simultaneously. With the right qualifications and experience, Remote Database Administrators can find a wide range of rewarding jobs in virtually every industry.

Web Designer

Web Designers create visually appealing websites that are both user-friendly and functional. They use their knowledge of coding, graphic design, and website development to create engaging webpages. Most Web Designers work remotely, allowing them to work from anywhere in the world. To become a Remote Web Designer, a person typically needs a Bachelor’s degree and some experience creating websites. There are currently more than 3,000 Remote Web Designer jobs available on Indeed.com. Companies such as DocuSign and Bay View Dental Lab are actively hiring experienced Remote Web Designers with competitive salaries.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. They use a variety of technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Web developers must possess a deep understanding of the web, including coding languages and the latest trends. They must also be able to troubleshoot and solve complex problems. Companies are increasingly looking for remote web developers due to the flexibility it offers. Companies like Samsara, JPMorgan Chase, Nextdoor, and Squarespace are all looking for talented web developers to join their teams. If you have the skillset and knowledge of web development, this could be a great opportunity to explore remote work!

Workday HCM Analyst

Workday HCM Analysts play an important role in enabling Human Resources to achieve organizational excellence. They develop new technical capabilities within Core HCM, assess overall project and operational risk, and develop mitigation plans. A Workday HCM Analyst is expected to work independently under minimal supervision and should have strong analytical skills. There are currently 959 Workday HCM jobs available remotely on Indeed.com and 752 WORKDAY HCM REMOTE jobs ($48-$82/hr) from companies with openings that are hiring. If you’re looking for a remote job in the tech industry, Workday HCM Analyst may be a good fit for you.

Back End Developer

Back End Developers are in high demand for remote work. Companies are looking for experienced professionals who specialize in programming and coding to create websites, applications, and databases. With the necessary skillset, professionals can find plenty of opportunities to develop complex systems and solve problems for their employers. Back End Developers should have knowledge of software languages such as Java, .NET, and Python, as well as the ability to debug code and create efficient algorithms. Additionally, they must be comfortable with server-side technologies such as Node.js and be able to collaborate with Front End Developers to ensure a successful project. With the increasing need for remote tech jobs, Back End Developers are an essential part of many companies’ operations.

Software Trainer

Software Trainers are responsible for providing guidance, insights, and helping establish best practices for end-users. They must have at least four years of Technical Training experience with small, medium, and large groups. There are currently 3,406 Software Trainer jobs available in remote locations, with an estimated salary range of $52k-$147k. Additionally, there are 2,222 remote software trainer jobs available with new positions added daily. If you’re looking for a job in the tech field that can be done from home, consider a Software Trainer position.

Other Remote Tech Jobs

Other remote tech jobs include a variety of positions that allow professionals to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Workday HCM Analysts analyze, maintain, and develop Human Capital Management (HCM) systems for organizations. The average salary for a Workday HCM Analyst is $119,124. Back End Developers are responsible for programming the server-side of web applications, and their average salary is $105,210. Software Trainers provide instruction and support to users of software products and can earn an average salary of $93,890. All of these jobs require technical skills and knowledge and offer the flexibility of working remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skills Do I Need To Qualify For A Remote Tech Job?

Being able to work remotely is a great way to get a tech job. But, what do you need to qualify for one? Well, there are some important skills that employers look for in remote tech workers.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got strong communication and collaboration skills. That means being able to clearly communicate with coworkers over emails and video chat apps like Zoom or Slack. And when it comes time to work on projects together, having the ability to collaborate effectively is key!

You’ll also need a good amount of technical knowledge too. You don’t have to be an expert in every area but having basic knowledge about coding languages, software development processes, and other technical topics can give you an edge when applying for jobs. It’ll help your potential employer know that you have the right background and experience they’re looking for in their remote workforce. So brush up on those skills if ya can!

Having these two things – communication abilities and technical expertise – can go a long way towards helping you land the perfect remote tech job for yourself! With them under your belt, plus plenty of hard work and determination, who knows where your career could take you?

How Do I Find Out About Available Remote Tech Jobs?

Finding out about remote tech jobs can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of ways you can look for them. First, you could search online and look at job websites like Monster or Indeed. They usually list a lot of different types of jobs, so there’s sure to be some that’re remote. Another way is using social media. You can follow companies on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – they post new job openings all the time. It’s also worth checking LinkedIn too; there’s always postings from recruiters who might know about something perfect for you. So why not start looking? With enough effort, you’ll find the right job in no time!

What Type Of Salary Can I Expect To Earn In A Remote Tech Job?

Doing a remote tech job can be really cool. You get to work from home, or wherever you want! Plus, if you have the right skills and experience, you could earn some good money too. So what kind of salary can you expect? It depends on which type of job it is – for example, software engineers usually have higher salaries than web developers. But whatever your skill set, there are plenty of opportunities out there that offer great wages. If you’re willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to become an expert in your field, then you can definitely command a high salary for your efforts.

What Is The Best Way To Apply For A Remote Tech Job?

If you’re interested in a remote tech job, then the best way to apply is super important. The first thing you should do is make sure your resume stands out – highlight any experience or skills that are related to the position. You can also look for job postings on websites like LinkedIn or Indeed and tailor your application accordingly.

Once you’ve submitted your application, there’s still more work to be done! Networking is key when it comes to getting hired remotely. Reach out to contacts who may have connections within the company so they can put in a good word for you. Plus, online interviews are becoming more popular, so practice answers to common interview questions and brush up on industry knowledge before speaking with potential employers.

It takes some effort to get a tech job remotely but if you take the right steps and focus on showcasing your talents, you’ll find success soon enough!

How Do I Demonstrate My Qualifications For A Remote Tech Job?

Finding a tech job that lets you work from home is awesome. But once you find one, how do you show the company that you’re the right person for the gig? That’s where demonstrating your qualifications comes in. When applying for a remote tech job, make sure to highlight all of your skills and experience. Showing off what makes you special will help employers understand why they should pick you. You can also create a portfolio with examples of past projects or certifications so potential employers can easily see what you have done before. It’s important to be confident when describing yourself; let them know why hiring you would be an advantage! You want to stand out above other applicants and make it clear that you are qualified and capable of taking on the position. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored specifically for this opportunity. Having strong references who support your candidacy can also go a long way towards helping secure the job offer – don’t forget to mention those too! With these tips, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward and get that dreamy remote tech job!


The rise of remote work is an undeniable trend due to the pandemic, and there are plenty of jobs in the tech sector that can be done remotely. From user support specialists to database administrators and software trainers, a wide range of job roles can be performed from home or any other remote location. With the right skills and education, tech professionals can take advantage of these opportunities to gain new experiences while increasing their earning potential. By investing in the right tools and technologies, they can also stay connected with their colleagues and clients while enjoying the flexibility of a remote work setup.

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